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Site Operations Assistant/Transportation (2)

  • First Shift is 9:00am to 1pm
  • Second Shift is 3:00pm to 7:00pm
  • Can enjoy the event
  • Assist Site Operations Director in all aspects of site set up or teardown
  • Hanging signs
  • Setting up tents
  • Must be physically fit enough to lift at least 20 pounds
  • Be on call with radio to drive and transport people and items
  • Must be comfortable driving a Polaris ATV

Voting Station  (2)

  • 1:00pm Start time
  • 4 hour shifts
  • 2 positions
  • Running the voting booth
  • Answering questions of attendees
  • Assisting attendees in the voting process
  • Seated under a tent by
  • Two member team from 2:00 to 5:00. Many breaks to grab food and drinks during this time
  • After the voting has been calculated, the 2 pm starter will move to the office to count cluck bucks

Vendor Load In Coordinator  (2)

  • 8:30am report time
  • 4 hour shift
  • 2 positions
  • Seated/Standing (possibly unshaded and unprotected from weather)
  • Job is managing arriving vendor traffic and directing entrance into the event space
  • Communicating with the Vendor Coordinator (Marsha Almodovar) to coordinate vendor load-in
  • This job starts early, but allows the volunteer to enjoy the entire event

Judge’s Coordinator (1)

  • 12:30pm report time
  • 4 hour shift
  • This person will be the server for the judges and will rely heavily on the vendor coordinator. They will make sure the judges have plenty of drinks and will serve them their wings in the blind taste test.
  • This is a job for a detail oriented person who is great with communication. Lots of running around, but also lots of fun! Great opportunity to interact with chefs and industry professionals.
  • Server experience is a plus

VIP Coordinator (2)

  • 12:00pm and a 1pm report time
  • 4 hour shift
  • Will cut celery and make a blue cheese and celery station
  • This person will sit at the entrance of the VIP area. Radio if there are any problems. Easy peasy job that if you wanted to bring a friend and take shifts, that would be fine as well.

Box Office team (10)

  • Start times at 10am, 12pm and 2pm
  • 4 hour shifts
  • All team members must have a smart phone and arrive with it fully charged
    • Gate- General Admission: Will Scan GA tickets with the Eventbrite App (or receive GA tokens purchased in the GA Box and send then to the main building until opening. If event is open, simply scan and send into to the event. Instruct them where they can purchase taco tokens **Second Shift will meet in the event office to count cluck bucks from 5-6. Check Id’s
    • Gate – VIP Check in: Scan VIP ticket with Eventbrite App, hand stuffed glass Check Id’s
    • Cluck Bucks Station: Sells cluck bucks with the square app at the Cluck Buck Station. **Second Shift will meet in the event office to count cluck bucks from 5-6pm

Bartenders and Cashiers (6)

  • Start time is 11am
  • 7 hours
  • Makes tips (split evenly across the two bars)
  • Must help with set up and tear down.
  • Draft pouring only

Admin/Volunteer Coordinator (1)

  • Check in staff, vendors and band members
  • Manage Radio Sign in and Sign out
  • Manage Department Boxes – Sign in and sign out